Privacy Policy

YasTech Developments Inc. is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. This statement is therefore set out to outline how we make use of the information you submit to us for general inquiries. The terms contained on this page may be revised from time to time. To protect your interests, visit this page periodically to review the current terms of our policy. YasTech Developments Inc. makes every reasonable attempt to safeguard your privacy. Except where required by regulation, court order, official authority or applicable law, YasTech Developments Inc. will not make available your individual information or data to any third party. You understand, agree and acknowledge that your individual information or data collected will only be used by YasTech Developments Inc. for internal purposes, including but not limited to, improving YasTech Developments Inc.’s services or extending special offers to you. You understand, agree and acknowledge that your administrative contact information in relation to your domain registration is public information and YasTech Developments Inc. is not and cannot be obligated to safeguard such information and data from any third party. YasTech Developments Inc.’s customers hold complete freedom to express themselves on their web sites. Although your intellectual freedom is respected, YasTech Developments Inc. still reserves the right to remove from our servers any obscene, threatening, or illegal content.